Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meljen's Design DT Day - Thankful

For me, this time of year is to stop and think about what you are grateful for!  I am truly thankful for my family.  My husband, 3 children, friends and all of my adopted children.

But, mostly my sister Darsie and her son Al.  They were rescued by their neighbor, letting them know that their home was on fire!!  It is very scary getting that early morning phone call from a terrified sister and know you can't do much but encourage her and her child.  She is my BEST friend, very loving, forgiving, generous, compassionate and I would be lost without her in my life.  Her son Al, is an awesome, funny, loving, helpful and fabulous son to her, he to would leave a large void in my heart.

So to all I love and cherish, hope you are just as THANKFUL as I am that you are all in my life.  I love everyone of you!!

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